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Affordable Building Automation Controls for Energy Efficient Buildings


 Fully Programmable

 Completely Flexible

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From a single furnace to a multi-story building complex, the Reliable Controls MACH-System is designed to meet your requirements

The Reliable Controls MACH-System is a family of products which offer simple, flexible and economical solutions to your building automation needs. They include direct digital controllers (DDC), networking and integration, user interfaces, software applications and input/output (I/O) devices.

At the heart of the system are the MACH DDC controllers. These consist of six controllers each being fully programmable and supporting universal I/Os and peer-to-peer network communications. Every MACH controller is precisely and creatively engineered to meet the requirements of a wide range of control applications. Each MACH controller supports the ASHRAE BACNET standard making communications with other manufacturers products a snap. Simply stated, if your condition can be monitored and controlled electronically, we have the product for you!

The RC-Studio software package provides a graphical user interface to the controller network. This software allows the user to view the status of the system and change parameters as required. A comprehensive alarm package provides notification of conditions in the system that require attention. Trend logs provide historical information about points in the system in a graphical format. All control programs are accessible to make future modifications simple.

Reliable Controls is a Canadian company located in Victoria B.C. All of their hardware and software is designed in-house at their facility. MACH controller boards are assembled in their site-of-the-art assembly facility located in the plant. All controllers carry a 5-year warranty.

Wholesale Service is the local authorized dealer for Reliable Controls. We have been in the controls business for over 40 years. By combining our extensive HVAC control knowledge with the programmability of the MACH-System controllers, we can offer cutting edge solutions to every control application from a simple custom controller to a complex total building control system.

Please call Dan Kalapos at 519-945-3478 or email dkalapos@wholesaleservice.ca for further information.