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Wholesaler of Control Products for HVAC Systems and Boilers

Specializing in Building Automation and Flame Safety Controls

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Air Conditioner


Contactors, Condenser Fan Motors, Rain Shields, Fan Blades, Refrigerant Dryers,

Sight Glasses, Expansion Valves, Run & Start Capacitors, Thermostats, Fan Centers, Crankcase Heaters, Start Assists


Honeywell, Johnson, White-Rodgers

Immersion, Surface Mount, Wells, Thermal Grease




DCV-Dual Check Valve, RPZ-Reduced pressure Zone

Ball Valves

Air, Water, Oil, Steam, Natural Gas-Indoor/Outdoor, Motorized, 2 & 3 Way,

1/4” to 2”


Alkaline AA, AAA, C, D, 9-volt, Lantern, Watch


For Blowers-Sleeve, Ball, Pillow Blocks, 3/4”, 1”, 1-3/16”


4L V-belts for residential furnace blowers

Blowers & Fans

Delhi, Fasco, Rotom, Lau

Flue Gas Exhauster Blowers, Belt Drive Blowers, Bearings, Pulleys, Fan Blades, Cooling Fans, Shafts, Motors

Boiler Accessories   

Steam & Hot Water

Honeywell & Fireye Combustion Safety Controls, Flame Scanners, Flame Rods, Ignition Electrodes, Gas Valves, Relief Valves, Firing Rate Motors, Gauges, Gauge Glass, Sight Glass, Hand Hole Gaskets, Hi-Temperature Gasket Material, Hot Water Circulating Pumps, Steam Condensate Pumps and Tanks, McDonnell Miller Level Controls, Pressure Switches, Temperature Switches, Expansion Tanks, Flue Brushes


Single Pole Panel mounted for control circuits


Flue, Condenser Tube, Handles & Extensions

Building Controls

Reliable Controls Building Automation controllers


Start and Run for Motors and Compressors

Check Valves

Inline, Foot Valves, Back Flow Preventors


Spray Cleaners, Spray Adhesive, Sprayers, Grease

Condensate Pumps

For Steam Boilers, Air Conditioners, High efficiency furnaces


Danfoss, Furnas-Siemens, Honeywell

Definite Purpose 2,3,4 Pole, 30 to 120 Amps, EEMAC Motor Starters, IEC Motor Starters


For Pumps - Woods, Cross-arm, Spring

Damper Actuators

Siemens, Johnson, Honeywell, White-Rodgers

Pneumatic, Direct Coupled, Spring Return, 2-Pos, Modulating, 0-10v, 4-20ma

Aux Switches, Cranks arms, Push rods, Internal Transformers


Johnson Round, Square, Control, Balancing, Fire - Fast Delivery on Custom Sizes

Accessories - Pushrods, Damper Arms, Ball Joints

Electronic Air Filters

Honeywell & White Rodger

Power Supplies, Cells, Parts and Accessories,

Electric Heat Parts

Thermostats, Relays, Sequencers, Limit Disks, Fan Controls



Toggle Switches, Push Buttons, Indicator Lamps, Control Fuses, Fuse Holders,

Relay Sockets, DIN Rail, Terminal Blocks, Tape, Wire Terminals

Fan Blades

3 & 4 Blades for Unit Heaters, Air Conditioners


Brass Fittings for Hose, Pipe, Tubing - Compression, Threaded, Sweat, Barbed, Flare

Black Pipe- Nipples, Fittings, 1/2” to 1”, Teflon Tape, Pipe Dope

Flame Rods

For Furnaces, Boilers, Burners, Pilots

Flame Safety


Honeywell, Fireye, Johnson, Robertshaw, White-Rodgers

UV & IR Scanners, Flame Rods, Ignition Electrodes, Pilots, Hot-Surface Ignitors

Direct Spark ,Intermittent Pilot, Hot Surface

Float Switches

Square D, Johnson-Lever Actuated

Float Valves

Braukmann, McDonnell Miller

Flow Switches

McDonnell Miller, Johnson, for Water, Sail Switches for Air



Thermocouples, Gas Valves, Fan & Limit Controls, Ignition Modules

(Spark-Hot Surface), Blowers, Blower Motors, Flue Gas Exhausters, Mercury Safeties, Pilot Burners, Hot Surface Ignitors, Glow Coils

Gas Valves

Honeywell, White-Rodgers, Johnson, Ascoelectric, Robertshaw

Standing Pilot, Intermittent Pilot, Direct Spark, Hot Surface, Solenoid, Vent

Industrial Motorized , Gas Ball Valves


McDonnell Miller, Bell & Gossett, Boiler Hand-hole, Manhole,

High Temp Gasket Material, Boiler Rope, Hi Temperature Cement


Winters Thermogauges

Dry, Liquid Filled, Air, Gas, Natural Gas, Snubbers, Sylphon Loops, Petcocks

Gauge Glass

Pyrex High Pressure, Redline, 5/8”, 3/4”,Valves, Parts

Humidifier Parts

Parts and Accessories, Motors, Pads, Floats, Humidistats

Humidity Controls

Honeywell, Johnson

Electronic, Mechanical, Sensors, Wall and Duct Mount, Enthalpy Controls



Circulating Pumps, Yoke Assemblies, Impellers, Expansion Tanks, Mixing Valves

Feed Water Regulators, Press/Temp Gauges, Relief Valves

Level Controls

Electric and Mechanical, Braukmann Float Valves, McDonnell Miller

Mixing Valves

Aquamix, Braukmann, Danfoss

Motor Starters

Danfoss, Furnas-Siemens

Magnetic, Manual, IEC, EEMAC, Enclosures, Push Buttons


Belted Fan, Direct Drive Fan, Power Ventor, Oil Burner, Condenser Fan,

Unit Heater, Circulator Pump, Exhaust Fan

Accessories- Rain shields, Mounting Brackets, Rubber Mounts, Oilers

Oil Burner Parts

Oil Pumps, Nozzles, Ignition Electrodes, Cad cell Relays, Stack relays,

Oil Filters, Oil Tubes, Coupling Kits

Pneumatic Controls

Johnson, Honeywell, Powers-(Siemens Building Technology)

Thermostats, Controllers, Valves, Damper Actuators, Transmitters

Pressure Regulators

Air, Water, Natural Gas, Steam

Pressure Switches

Honeywell, Antunes-Chicago, Johnson

Air,  Gas, Natural Gas, Steam, Water, Refrigerant, Differential


Fixed, Variable Pitch, Keys, Hubs


Bell & Gossett, Grundfoss, Taco, Danfoss Oil Pumps

Push Buttons

Danfoss- 22mm & 33mm, Selectors, Indicators, Start/Stop Stations

Radiant Heat Parts

Grundfoss, Taco, Danfoss, Honeywell

Mixing Valves, Injection/Circulating Pumps, Zone Valves, Controllers, Panels


General Purpose, Solid State, Plug-in, Bases, Contactors

Relief Valves


Air, Hot Water, Steam, Press/Temp, 3/4” to 2”


Temperature, pressure, humidity, transducers, thermisters

Solenoid Valves

Ascoelectric, Danfoss

Air, Water, Steam, Natural Gas

Steam Accessories

Radiator Vents, Traps, Manual Valves, Automatic Valves

Condensate Pumps & Tanks, Relief Valves



Electronic, Mechanical, Sensors, Freeze-stats, Fryer & Cooking Equipment,

Remote Bulb, Multi Stage, Line Voltage, Industrial PID


Bi-Metal, Liquid Filled, Surface Mount, Immersion, Remote Reading


Heating, Cooling, Electric Heat, Multi Stage, Fan Coil, Low voltage, Line Voltage,

Energy Saving, Modulating, Subbases, Remote Sensors

Pneumatic-Single Set Point, Day/Night, Heat/Cool

Accessories- Guards, Covers, Mounting Adapters, Keys


Solid State, Short Cycle, On/Off/Interval, Time Clocks, 7-Day, 24Hr., Defrost Clocks


Control Transformers, Ignition Transformers


For Steam, Thermostatic, Float & Thermostatic


Pneumatic FR Tubing, Polyethylene Drain Tubing, PVC Food Grade, Copper, Aluminium, Fittings

Unit Heater Parts

Motors, Fan Blades, Gas Valves, Snap Disk Limit & Fan Controls


Air Vents for Steam, Hot Water, Chilled Water


Brass, Stainless Steel


18 Gauge-LVT, FT4, FT6 Plenum Rated, Shielded, High Voltage Ignition

Wiring Accessories

Terminals, Wire Nuts, Wire Ties, Tape, Wire Markers, Cable Ties

Zone Panels

Honeywell, Taco

Zone Valves

Honeywell, taco, Erie, White-Rodgers, Powers, Johnson

Electric, Pneumatic, Hot water, Steam, Non-Electric, Packing